2. Dezember 2023

The Farmer’s Dog DIY: Homemade Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

It’s a classic for a reason. This homemade dog food recipe is made with dog-pleasing chicken and rice, and nutrient-packed pumpkin and spinach. It’s super easy to make—and when you add The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix, it’s nutritionally complete and safe to feed long-term.

Watch our step-by-step vide guide to preparing, cooking, and storing this chicken and rice recipe and visit https://www.thefarmersdog.com/diy for more homemade dog food recipes, and info and advice on cooking for your dog at home.

How to make homemade dog food with chicken and rice:

1360g (3lb) ground chicken
325g (2 cups) cooked white rice
270g (2 cups) pumpkin puree
270g (fresh 9 cups; frozen 1 2/3cup) spinach—chopped
23g (5 tsp.) sunflower oil
7g (1.5 tsp.) salmon oil
1 packet The Farmers Dog DIY Nutrient Mix
Ingredient note: Fresh or frozen vegetables may be used in these recipes. For best results, weigh by grams and use food safe thermometer.
Equipment: 5+ quart pot/skillet or Dutch oven, knife and cutting board or food processor (or buy pre-cut frozen), spatula, kitchen scale (optional), food thermometer (optional)

1) Cook rice according to the instructions on the packaging and set aside.

2) Place pot/skillet or Dutch oven over medium to medium-high heat on the stovetop. Pour the sunflower oil in and spread it to evenly coat the bottom.

3) Add the ground chicken to the pot. Break apart and stir until the meat is no longer pink and is broken into small pieces.

4) Add the pumpkin puree, cooked rice, and spinach and cook until the spinach has wilted.

5) Add the salmon oil and stir to evenly distribute. If using a food safe thermometer, check the temperature at several places throughout the pot to verify that a food safe temperature of 165°F is reached.*

7) Remove the pot from the heat and sprinkle the package of The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix evenly across the surface and then stir to evenly distribute throughout the food.

*In order to maintain safe ready-to-eat meals it is important that all food reaches the USDA guidelines for safety.