1. Dezember 2023

Gidget’s Gourmet Homemade Dog Food

UPDATE: We have updated this recipe in an updated video https://youtu.be/YRBSkB0l8jY

We have been making this fresh & healthy dog food for our dogs for 7 years and finally got around to making a video so we could share it with others looking for a healthy alternative for their dogs.

Dog food (This makes about 28lbs)
5lbs Ground turkey or ground beef (more fat)
Can chicken 6/12.5 oz cans 4.69 lbs
Carrots 3 lbs
Broccoli 2.5 lbs
Sweet Potatoes 5 lbs
Frozen peas 2.5 lbs
Brown rice 8 cups
Whole raw Eggs 1 dozen

I get my ingredients from Sam’s Club. All but the peas and eggs. The total cost is about $40

Cook rice
Chop or use a food processor for the following:
Sweet potatoes (leaving the skin on)

Mix together the ground turkey, carrots, broccoli, & sweet potatoes
Using a blender blend all dozen eggs, then pour over the mixture
Cook on 350* 1 hr -1 1/2 hrs
Once you take it out of the oven mix in the chicken and rice.
Allow cooling for 10 minutes
then add frozen peas.
Put in freezer containers and freeze
1 container should contain a week or less worth of food.
I use a 4 cup container for my two dogs.

This is a link to the multivitamin powder that I use:

Let me know if you have any questions.