29. September 2023

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPE 🐶 Healthy, easy & affordable!

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⭐Full Recipe from Video (notes below):⭐
Fin’s balanced Meal:

Ground beef 5.5oz
Chicken Wings 2oz
Beef Heart 1 oz

Beef Liver 1.5oz

Pork Kidney 1oz
Canned sardines 3.5oz
Ccanned oysters 1oz
Spinach 2oz

Kale 2oz

Oragnic Egg 1 medium
fish oil 1stp
Flaxseed oil 1/8 tsp

vitamin e oil 1 drop

kelp powder 1/2 level scoop

•This recipe was formulated for my dood, Fin, who weighs ~60LBs. Steps below to modify
•When sourcing ingredients, I HIGHLY recommend local stores, farmers markets or co-ops (ensuring ethical sourcing)
•Every dog is different, as are their diet requirements.
•For supplements, I use products intended for animals
•This is how I feel comfortable feeding my dogs, remember, you are your dog’s best advocate

Modifying Food Amount Steps:

(1) Identify Your Dog’s Current Caloric Needs

There are many calorie calculators on the internet but this following link is the one Scott recommends. Follow the prompts as accurately as possible. https://www.purebredpups.org/dogcaloriecalculator.aspx

(2) Divide Your Dog’s Current Caloric Needs By The Recipe’s Caloric Amount To Get Your “Increase Rate Number”

With this recipe’s calorie needs being 1000 calories but their current needs are 1400 calories you would divide 1400 by 1000.
Times All Food Ingredients In Your Recipe By Your Increase Rate Number
See example below.

Let’s see how this would work in a simple example.

Step 1.
Let us assume that your dog’s current calorie needs are 1400 calories.

Step 2.
We will use this recipe’s initial calorie amount of 1000 calories.
1400/1000 = 1.4
1.4 is our “Increase Rate Number” in this example. Yours will obviously vary.

Step 3.
For the easiest example, we will use the meat portion or the main protein as the food ingredient that we will be adjusting with our increase rate number.

In this example we will be using 155 grams of ground beef. To effectively increase your dog’s ground beef amount we will want to multiply the 155 grams of ground beef by your increase rate number.

For example:
155 x 1.4 = 217 (I would round up to 220 for easy measuring.)

This same step should be repeated for each food item. Kale – 56 grams x 1.4 = 78 grams, and so on with each food ingredient.

The same thing can be done if you need to DECREASE your dog’s feeding amounts from this recipe to get a “Decrease Rate Number”. Just divide your dog’s current calorie needs by the recipe’s called for calories of 1000 to get your decrease rate number. Then times each item in the recipe by your decrease rate number. Example: 750/1000 = 0.75 “decrease rate number”
Using the 155g of ground beef as an example again. 155 x 0.75 = 116.25g.

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