1. Dezember 2023

My Favorite Dog Supplements

Thanks to Native Pet, Target runs just got a whole lot more convenient for pet parents!

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know how much I love my supplements, but you also probably know how extremely picky I am about them because of how much junk is out there.

I was super excited to learn that my favorite supplement company, which is Native Pet, is now available in Target.

They have the relief chews that I give to my old „senior pitizen“ because she has hip and joint issues and this is a great anti-inflammatory for her. Green-lipped mussels and turmeric – yes please!

They have the calming chews that I love for anxious dogs that need a little help settling in for nap periods in particular.

The Probiotics are great for GI support, especially in dogs that have diarrhea and upset stomach issues. Their probiotics are a combination of some of the most well-researched bacteria strains for gut health.

My favorite is the Omega Oil that I use for Blue Ivy because she’s a blue dog and has skin and coat issues and allergies. This is packed with amazing omega-three fatty acids and oils.

Next time you’re at your local Target, swing by the pet aisle and check out the supplements from Native Pet that they have available!

○ Native Pet Supplements (get 20% off using this link or SARAONDRAKO20 at checkout): https://glnk.io/6z4r/saraondrako

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