2. Dezember 2023

1st Week with New Puppy Dog Breed at Home |Handle Initial Problems | Live EXample | Baadal Bhandaari

Hello everyone, I’m Baadal Bhandaari and I welcome you to your favorite channel that’s Dogs Your Friends Forever (DYFF).

In this video, I would like to discuss everything you need to be prepared for your new dog. We will be discussing in detail what are the main things that a owner should know before taking a new puppy at home. It is good to get excited about a new dog but you must think twice before making a decision.
Fun Facts :-
1) Dogs have respiration system 7 times more than humans
2) Puppies takes Small Naps and use to sleep alot.

I would love to help you to choose the right dog breed and the right time to get these cute creatures in your life. I hope you will like this video as well, please share it to maximum, and kindly do subscribe this channel to remain updated for more on dogs.

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In this video:-

01. Easy Ways to Know if You’re Ready for a New Dog
02. Are You Ready for a Puppy?
03. Things You’ll Need For Your New Puppy
04. How to feed a new pet?
05. Owning a Dog – Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy!
06. Wasn’t Ready for a Dog – Tips for New Puppy Owners
07. Right food for Puppies?
08. Everything You Need to be Prepared for Your New Puppy!
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