1. Dezember 2023

Corgi Gets Eye Surgery for a Corneal Ulcer #corgi #dogs

As most of you know, Brady woke up one morning and his left eye was glued shut. He ended up having a corneal ulcer, which is pretty common in dogs. We got special eye drops from the vet and went for a checkup once a week to make sure it was healing properly. Unfortunately his was an indolent ulcer, which means it would not heal on its own (common in older dogs).

We saw an eye specialist and he needed a Burr Keratotomy Surgery which would allow the cornea to heal properly. I was nervous at first because I have a thing for eyes…but it was a huge success and he was all better in just 2 weeks! 🥳

As you can imagine the vet bills from the surgery and all the checkups/medications really added up. But I am so happy we have ​⁠@FetchbyTheDodo pet insurance. Their online portal makes it easy to submit a claim, and we got reimbursed within just a few weeks! (The total for everything was $1,922.30 and with our plan, we got reimbursed $1,421.74!)

Having pet insurance makes my life so much easier, knowing the boys are covered. Get a free quote for your pet at fetchpet.com.

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