22. März 2023

You’ll Be Shocked at How YOUR Everyday Habits Impact Your Dog’s Health!

Synopsis: The risk of heart attacks and deaths linked with it has increased in humans lately but it is not confined to humans only. Recently, a 12-year-old pet Labrador dog suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed in Ahmedabad. Like humans, dogs are also suffering from heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, and hypothyroidism, among other ailments. Poor lifestyle, including a processed diet and lack of exercise, has led to a rise in canine obesity, which triggers heart ailments and a slew of other issues. Veterinary doctors estimate that at least 40% of dogs over the age of five have at least one of these conditions, and this ratio increases to 60% in dogs over eight years old. „Rise in feeding processed dog food to pets without knowing the right dietary requirements of the breed and lack of exercise is causing dogs to turn obese at a very young age,“ said Ahmedabad-based doctor, Dhaval Patel.

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