22. März 2023

Does training make my dog smarter?

In 38 years of Dog Training, I’ve discovered the last thing you teach your dog is easier than the first. when you first start training your dog, they don’t understand the concepts of behavior equals reward.

I think, therefore I am ( SMARTER )

The first thing you teach your dog, involves your dog learning something simple like sitting, at first your dog does not understand that this behavior will get them A reward in the form of physical petting or a treat. Once your dog figures this out, they’ll offer you set all the time.

When you move from sitting to other tricks or commands you may notice that in many cases your dog picks them up faster than the last thing you taught them. You see during that first command or trick and everyone there after your dog is problem-solving and figuring out what your goals are… Which leads to their reward.

My training programs involve teaching the dog lots of commands and tricks. some commands and tricks are more difficult than others. Some tricks require multiple stages of learning. Each one of those stages are taught individually, and I would say would be similar to the difficulty level of learning to sit.

Your dogs ability to learn these tasks improves with everything you teach them. Dogs love Learning . In fact it’s better for their mental and physical health to continue learning throughout their lifetime. Just like us humans.

Does training my dog make them smarter? Yes

Mark Thompson 
BetterDog Training

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