30. November 2022

Why Your Dog May Not „Be Listening To You“

If you are saying things constantly that your dog doesn’t have any reason to listen to you (which, by the way, is about 95% of our interactions)… even as I’m recording this video right now, my dog is going off, laying into the corner, sleeping. Why?

Because he knows I’m not talking to him.

But that’s because 95% of the time I’m interacting around him without actually saying anything to him.

Imagine how frustrating that must be for an animal. Imagine for a moment if you were living day in and day out next to someone who constantly was operating like you weren’t there. And then you had to find a way to know when they were speaking to you and when they weren’t speaking to you even if they’re using the exact same language.

Maybe you would pull from context clues like “are they giving me eye contact? Did they say my name?”

But if those two things don’t happen, you’re really left to just kind of figure it out on whether or not you’re relevant in any given situation.

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