30. November 2022

Tatar Removal in a Dog – Application Video Dental Unit Profident PLUS

The Profident PLUS Dental Unit is the result of many years of experience. It offers a wide range of applications for both, general practitioners and dental specialists. It is characterised by its compact modern design combined with high mobility. The stand is adjustable in height and all handpieces are arranged within easy reach of the operator. Led lights in the dental scaler and the high-speed turbine increase your working efficiency dramatically.

The Profident dental unit has the following features:

High speed turbine (300,000 rpm) with LED illumination (17402322)
– For friction grip burrs (FG)
– Push button burr change
– Burr water cooling facility (option)

Low speed air motor (20,000 rpm) with straight handpiece (174060)
– For long straight shank burrs (HP), diamond discs and prophy heads
– High torque, forward and reverse rotation
– Optional water-cooling facility

Built-in dental scaler with LED illumination
– Variable water flow facility
– Includes 5 scaling tips

Three in one syringe (air / water / spray)

Foot switch control for speed and/or water activation