30. November 2022

How to pluck the hair from your dog ears, ear health

This video shows a a quick video of how to pluck the hair from your dogs ear.

Have you ever asked the question, how can I groom my dog at home or searched how to groom my dog or even how to start a dog grooming business? Then this is the YouTube channel for you!

Each video is unedited footage of a day to day home based dog grooming business.
Being a dog groomer for 15 years, I have seen a lot of dogs and learned a variety of techniques of how to groom any dog WITHOUT restraints!

These videos are for people interested in grooming their own dogs from home, wanting to learn how to start their own dog grooming business, owners who are looking for solutions on various health issues with their dog and of course most importantly for my dog owners to see how their dog does while being groomed.

In addition to grooming techniques, I will be posting videos of health concerns or warning signs of possible health concerns to watch out for with any solutions I have learnt over the years.

I also plan to share unique characteristics that I come across while grooming as some are pretty unique and very interesting!

I am always interested in making any videos that people would like to see, so please feel free to send me suggestions and I’d be happy to post a video when I am able to do so.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video.

K9 Clipz