30. November 2022

How Quickly a Doberman ACTUALLY Ages—Compared to Other Dogs

This is how you can convert your Doberman’s age into the equivalent human age. We’ll also find out exactly how fast Dobermans age as compared to other popular dog breeds. Thanks to an amazing study we can now do this conversion in a way that’s accurate to the Doberman breed specifically. This is how to find how old your Doberman would be if they were a human. Or how many „dog years“ old your Doberman is. We’ll also talk about what the official life expectancy of the Doberman is and how that conflicts with what recent studies are saying.

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 What We’ll Cover
01:22 Converting Your Doberman’s Age to Human Years
03:11 Comparing to Other Dog Breeds
04:25 Official Doberman Lifespan Numbers
05:22 Recent Lifespan Studies on the Doberman
07:58 Health Testing to Help Your Vet Prolong Life
09:19 Outtro

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