30. November 2022

12 Human Foods That Are Super Healthy For Dogs

Have you ever tried eating something while your dog is watching? There’s something about those puppy eyes that compels you to give them a little taste. Many human foods are safe for dogs, but some can cause health issues. Let’s look at 12 human foods that are super healthy for dogs!

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00:00 Human Foods That Are Super Healthy For Your Dog
00:25 Can I Feed My Dog Apples?
00:55 Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?
01:25 Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal?
01:56 Do Dogs Like To Eat Salmon?
02:40 Can I Feed My Dog Green Beans?
03:13 Can Dogs Eat Flax Seeds?
03:50 Can Dogs Eat Eggs?
04:27 Can Dogs Eat Carrots?
05:00 Can Dogs Eat Cheese?
05:33 Can Dogs Eat Kale?
06:13 Can I Feed My Dog Pumpkin?
07:07 Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?


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