30. November 2022

How Dogs Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Owning a pet has a more significant impact on your brain than you think—they bring you unconditional love and joyful companionship, But the benefits don’t stop there. In this video, we’ll discuss the ten reasons why owning a dog can improve your mental health.


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00:00 How Dogs Improve Your Mental Health
00:35 Do Dogs Make Owners More Active?
01:09 Do Dogs Lower Your Stress Levels?
01:58 Do Dogs Reduce Loneliness?
02:29 Does Having a Dog Give Your Life Structure?
03:00 Do Dog Owners Have More Friends?
03:30 Does Owning a Dog Lower Your Blood Pressure?
03:50 Do Dogs Help With Depression?
04:16 Does Having a Dog Build Social Skills
04:44 Does Having a Dog Make You Go Outside More?
05:10 Does Owning a Dog Make You Feel Loved?


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