16. Mai 2022

Dog Anal Glands: How To Express Them At Home

Eww. I know, but some dogs struggle with their anal glands and need to have their anal glands expressed regularly. After watching how to express your dog’s anal glands, if you want to do this yourself at home, ***spend at least one session with a veterinary technician that can guide you through it first to help both you and your dog together.***

A few signs your dog may need their anal glands expressed:
○ Excessive licking around the area
○ Scooting their hind end on the ground
○ A fishy odorous smell from their hind end or even from their breath

○ Don’t express your dog’s anal glands if they are not showing signs that they need it (consult your vet hospital first)
○ Be nice – use lube
○ Go slow so you don’t make your dog uncomfortable
○ Squeeze gently from the furthest end (most interior side) of the „pea“ or „grape“ towards the opening in the anus
○ Give your dog something yummy to eat or fun to play with while you do it such as a lick mat or peanut butter Kong
○ Remember to schedule at least one instructional session with a veterinary technician to help you first

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