18. August 2022

Kind woman nurses a horribly abused and malnourished dog back to health in the Philippines | SWNS

These amazing photos and videos show how an abused, mange-infested and malnourished dog was nursed back to health by his new owner.

When Abigail Corañez, 28, found Norkis, an eight-year-old mixed breed, he was living in a cage, horribly neglected, sick, and starving.

Norkis’s owner at the time rarely fed him and had allowed mange to spread all over his body, leaving him with little more than a few patches of fur.

Abigail saw the pitiful pup in May and immediately asked his owner if she could take him away and care for him.

The owner agreed, so Abigail collected the frightened, skeletal pup and took him to her home.

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