What to Feed a Dog With Arthritis (Supplementation and Diet)

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The major cause of arthritis in dogs is from an inadequate diet that doesn’t give your dog all that they need to feed the cartilage in the joints and over time the cartilage wears through exposing the bone and causing great pain.

The Four Main Areas Are, Exercise, Massage, Supplementation And Diet.
EXERCISE is key to keeping your dogs joints moving and weight more controlled. This can be a problem when all you want to do is let your senior dog rest their achy joints, but the opposite is needed to stop the joints from seizing up over time.

Of course it’s important not to jar the joints with pounding exercise but treadmill work, slow walks, swimming or walking on sand really helps older dogs that maybe fat, weak or in too much pain.

MASSAGE can really benefit your dog, easing muscle tension and relieving lactic acid buildup. It also provides lymphatic drainage and better circulation to bring much relief and wellbeing.

SUPPLEMENTATION boosts dog health to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Glucosamine is a popular option and best started ahead of arthritic onset. Glucosamine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of cartilage and other joint tissues. Glucosamine must be used in conjunction with a vitamins and minerals program for maximum benefits.

GLUCOSAMINE supplementation increases the body’s capacity to manufacture collagen and proteoglycans, which are vital for rebuilding joints and supporting synovial fluid which lubricates the joints.

Glucosamine generally comes in powdered capsule form or as coated tablets. Make sure it’s glucosamine sulphate from a quality brand as many inferior brands use other binding agents. Your dog needs about 200mg per 10lbs of lean body weight.

Add to your dogs daily food. Glucosamine is safe and if your dog is badly arthritic, you can safely double the dose. Continue supplementation for life.

GREEN LIPPED MUSSELS are another good choice and have been proven to be effective. GLM has only recently become popular in the west due to its highly beneficial anti-inflammatory properties from tests on dogs.

The powdered extract of GLM holds high concentrations of minerals, omega-3’s and a unique blend of fatty acids unique to this marine crustacean. GLM also contains many nutritional properties. They contain a good variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, omega-3 fats, and many other nutrients.

A general rule of thumb is 150mg of powdered extract per 10lbs of your dogs lean body weight.
If you don’t see improvement after one month of use, you’ll need to up the amount by 25%. As your dogs condition improves, you can lower the dose to the starting amount.
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