Grain Free Dog Food: does it cause heart failure? (FDA warning)

Does grain free dog food cause heart failure? that is the warning issued by the FDA when they announced an investigation into the potential link between feeding dogs a grain free diet and them developing a form of heart disease known as dilated cardiomyopathy.

All might not be as it seems though as at this stage there are more questions than answers. Were all the dogs fed the same grain free diet. Were they in fact fed a grain free or just a low grain diet? How many dogs are really affected. Is another ingredient (or even contaminant) responsible? The answers may take some time to become apparent.

It does though raise some interesting points about the feeding of grain free diets to dogs. Is there any real health benefit or are the benefits hype? Are grain free diets formulated appropriately to meet the needs of your dog?

These are questions and concerns all owners who are feeding their dog a grain free food should ask. They are questions every dog owner should ask so that they can feed their dog the best diet possible to match their lifestyle.

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