11 Symptoms of Liver Problems in Dogs [7 Ways to Heal & 1 KEY Remedy]

11 symptoms of liver problems in dogs, 7 actions to reduce exposure and 1 remedy to prevent elevated liver enzymes and dog liver disease. FREE DOG HEALTH GUIDE [5 Easy Steps to ‚Boost‘ Kibble Meals & Heal Day-to-Day Health Issues] – https://healthydogforlife.com/guide


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How can you limit the damage and prevent the symptoms of liver problems in dogs.
1. Cut back on as many toxins from your dogs home environment as you can. Think about kitchen floor cleaners, carpet products, sanitizers, air fresheners, aerosols of various kinds, even laundry detergents.
Reduce your dogs exposure to lawn care products, weed killers, fertilizers, paints, slug pellets, plant food and bug sprays. Seek the natural alternatives that won’t lead to long term diseases such as cancer.
2. Don’t vaccinate your dog more than every 3 years.
3. Give your dog purified water only – not tap!
4. Avoid the traditional flea and tick toxic chemical insecticides and use the natural alternatives.
5. Really cut back on antibiotics as they indiscriminately kill all bacteria both good and bad, leaving your dog susceptible to infection from yeast overgrowth and the liver burdened with filtering out yet more chemicals. Use natural alternatives, see links.
6. Improve your dogs kibble diet. Diet plays a huge role in your dog’s life and is the underlying cause of 9 out of 10 health problems in dogs.
There’s a link in the description above to a video all about the Healthier Kibble Diet that does an amazing job of helping your dog to stay healthy and fix up health issues.
7. Give your dog milk thistle, proven to rejuvenate a stressed liver and help prevent further damage. The active mixed ingredient needed, silymarin has been promoted for dogs as highly beneficial for liver and kidney damage.

Liver damage is very common in dogs, especially if subsisting on a commercial processed diet and taking in regular medications and vaccines. Milk thistle will prove a powerful antioxidant to liver problems in dogs and the free radical damage caused by various chemicals floating around your dogs body.

Milk thistle will help repair dog liver damage so it can continue effectively flushing out toxins such as:
• Vaccine chemicals
• Pesticide residues
• Antibiotics
• Steroids
• All medications
• Household and yard chemicals
• Pet food chemicals

Milk thistle is best used as a liver cleanser to aid in liver recovery by stimulating new liver cell growth and protect against further toxin damage, elevated liver enzymes in dogs and dog liver disease.

Tincture extract of milk thistle contains 70 to 80% silymarin and should be labeled. Give the tincture starting dose of 1/4 tsp. per 20lbs of your dogs lean body weight per day divided by two daily doses.

Powdered capsules: Give 50mg per 20lbs of your dogs lean body weight twice per day AM and PM for six months. For example, 100mg or 200mg capsules can be opened and divided as needed by bodyweight and added to daily meals.

Don’t use on pregnant/lactating dogs and consult a holistic vet if your dog is on medications.
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