Medical Alert Service Dog GEAR HAUL // Brought to you by Migraine Jen

The highly requested service dog gear haul! Migraine Jen showing you Buddy’s first service dog vest, our new custom service dog harness and cape, and some extras like his bandana, shoes, and leashes! I also put the service dog gear on Buddy so you can see how it fits. Enjoy!

○ Basic Service Dog Vest –
○ Service Dog Bandana –
○ Doggy Backpack –
Dog Booties (shoes) –
○ One Foot Leash –
○ Over-shoulder 6.5′ leash –
○ Small Collapsibowls –

Trained service animals are specifically trained to perform tasks to mitigate a handler’s disability. Buddy is a medical alert service dog for chronic migraines, complex migraine, POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), and OH/OI (orthostatic hypotension, orthostatic intolerance).

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Author: admin-Ben