Top 4 Home Remedies for Dog Constipation (Safe, Natural and Effective)

Constipation is more common in growing puppies, but it is possible that any dog could struggle with this condition. With that said, it is important that all pet owners educate themselves on the signs and symptoms as well as a few home remedies for dog constipation.

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For a mild case of canine constipation, you can try a home remedy. If it is taking your pooch longer than normal to poop, he is straining particularly hard while going and/or he is only producing a small amount of stool, it is likely that he has a mild case of constipation.

„You may also want to add some canned dog food to Fido’s diet for a couple of days. This will add more moisture to his diet and help to rehydrate him. Don’t switch to a 100% canned diet from kibble, because that could lead to more digestive problems. Just switch out 25%-50% of your dog’s kibble for canned food.“

Author: admin-Ben