Dog Supplements for Homemade Dog Food (Why and What You Need)

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Many commercial dog food products have supplements already included, but dog supplements for homemade dog food can be a bit more tricky. Read full article here:

Instead of posting a recipe this week, I decided to share this video guide about dog supplements for homemade dog food. It explains which supplements should be added to homemade dog food recipes, how these supplements may change over time and the best resources to use when trying to figure all of this out.

„But, if you are feeding a recipe that isn’t 100% nutritionally balanced and you choose not to add any dog supplements for homemade dog food, Fido could end up nutritionally deficient. Do you see why it is so difficult to figure out what supplements are right for your dog?“

Author: admin-Ben