10 tips to make your dog happy and health(cute dogs)

10 tips to make your dog happy and health(cute dogs)

A happy dog brings happiness to its owners. But what elements really make a dog happy? Here are 10 tips to keep your pet comfortable.
Whether you own a garden or an apartment, whether your pet is more of a homebody or adventurous, you can make your dog happy by paying attention to a few details.
Tips#1. Establish a routine for your dog
Dogs love routine. Install him a personal corner, with his basket and his water and croquettes bowls. Serve meals adapted to his age, size and dental condition at fixed times, refraining from giving him leftovers or treats!

Tips#2. Take care of your dog’s health
Good health makes your dog happy. Even if he sleeps well and has shiny coat, watch his eyes, teeth and legs. Go to the vet regularly and don’t forget flea collars or pest control treatments.

Tips#3. Let your dog get some fresh air!
The ideal would be to take three short walks a day and let your pet let off steam, even if it is kept on a leash. A happy dog celebrates you and wags its tail when you come home from work. Besides, if he stays alone during the day, leave him some adapted toys, to overcome his loneliness when you are away.

Tips#4. Don’t neglect training
Your pet needs to be educated if he wants to live better alongside his masters and other animals. Why not teach him orders? He is also able to understand a hundred words approximately. This training can prove to be a privileged moment of communication with your dog, which will strengthen your relationship and which will make your dog happy.

Tips#5. Give it your full attention
Whether you are in town or in the country, remember that your dog is above all a social animal. It is important that he feels loved by all members of the family, and not neglected in favor of the television or the computer. So remember to pet him and take care of him, even if the small screen stays on.

Tips#6. Get your dog used to the noise
Besides, get him used to the noises from household appliances or the city as soon as possible, if you live there. It may take several weeks of short walks for your dog to feel reassured among the crowd and cars.

Tips#7. Make it part of your life
Also, don’t forget to include him in family life by gradually getting him used to the idea of a move, or the arrival of a new baby or other animal. He will feel more secure.

Tips#8. Meet other animals!
Make him meet other dogs while spending the weekend in the countryside, joining a canine club or going to the park. If you’ve trained him to come back when you call him, these places are great for loosening his leash and letting him run in the wild. Your dog will be the happiest!

Tips#9. Don’t overdo it!
Please note: dogs are sensitive animals. Think before you dress your dog in adornments and jewelry. If the overcoat is useful in winter for warming short-haired animals, the „luxury“ clothes sold in certain specialized shops, far from humanizing your companion, will risk attracting glances that he might perceive as unwelcome.

Tips#10. Learn to communicate with your dog
Finally, happy dogs express themselves in different ways, which change with age. Learn how to decode the signals your companion sends you (such as energy changes, disturbed sleep). Also, remember that dogs age faster than humans, and don’t confuse laziness with the signs of aging. Finally, be tolerant if your friend is no longer as lively as before.
In conclusion, a health and happy dog needs to feel loved and be accepted throughout his life.

Author: admin-Ben