In sickness and in health! Firu the dog waits for its coronavirus-infected owner outside Lima hos…

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Health workers at the Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen Hospital in Lima welcomed a new visitor, Firu the dog, that waits for its owner who has reportedly been hospitalised with COVID-19, as seen in Tuesday footage.

Firu, as he was named by a hospital worker, has been staying outside the hospital for several days and has already won the hearts of the health staff and passers-by.

The devoted dog was even dressed up by some of the locals so that it could go through cold Lima days.

„It seems that the owner came here and is hospitalised because he has the coronavirus, and the dog seems to be waiting for him, so with some friends we are looking at ways to collaborate, like buying him some extra clothes and food,“ said Gisella Mondragon, a hospital worker.

Mondragon said that Firu is the dog with a „noble“ character and that it inspires tenderness in those who see it.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Peru has recorded more than 309,000 cases of coronavirus with almost 11,000 deaths related to the disease.

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