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In the market for natural dog food that is both tasty and has a lot of great options? Focus on optimal nutrition with Purina Pro Plan Focus dog food! Choose from their dry dog food and soft dog food formulas, including their puppy and senior dog health, weight control, and original grain and grain-free dog food. Choose from their dry dog food and soft dog food formulas with multiple recipes for adults and senior dogs that contain glucosamine for healthy joint health. The unique blend of brain-supporting nutrients includes high-quality chicken protein for energy along with DHA to help maintain your dog’s cognitive health. Purina Pro Plan Focus grain-free dog food is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins plus fruits with antioxidants to help ensure your dog thrives with a healthy immune system. And all their formulas contain essential fats that will benefit any dog diet. Omega fatty acids can be found in many of their formulas and are naturally found in fish and flaxseeds. So, exactly what are essential fatty acids? They include omega-3 and 6 that work to keep dog skin moisturized and their coat looking shiny and new! Dogs can’t make omega fatty acids themselves, so healthy dogs need to get it from the food they eat. Purina Pro Plan Focus dog food comes in grain and grain-free dog food options that contain no corn, wheat, or soy so your dog will be safe and sound.

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