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How do you make healthy dog treats at home?
*1 egg
*3 pieces of boneless chicken
*3 piece banana
1. boil chicken and egg shell – cream 1
2. mix chicken,egg shell to cream – cream 2
3. mix oats powder,banana and egg in mixer to creamy compound
4. mix cream 1 and cream 2
5. apply on pieces of bread
6.cook in oven @150 degree for 10 min

all the best 100% working as a training treat for dogs. try it and give me the feedback
Best time to train puppy is 40-45 days. we can Guide our puppy with love and treats and give proper behavior patterns during this early stage.
First set of commands for training also can find out by observing your puppy. his/her movements and psychology. here I decided to do sit, down, shakehand and come here commands in the starting stage. because all these things she is doing well without any training. so just need to teach her the words.

toilet training started from day 2 with me. she is 37 days old. responding quickly
planning to train basic obedience from day 40-45 onward. most probably commands sit/come here/shakehand/down etc

pre training tips
1. observe your puppy
2. Try to get his/her attention by a soft sound and call name
3. If she/he is listening Treat with food/love/toys
4. repeat it….evey time and make her more and more attach
all the best

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