Remember this Pregnant Dog Who Wandering alone on the Street?

Remember this poor pregnant dog? She was found wandering alone on the street and she couldn’t give birth. She had been rescued since May 2020 and the vets had a successful c-section to save her life and her babies.

After a month with the best loving care, this family is starting happy life. They are in good health condition and such a sweet family. They are still in a loving shelter with a foster-mom who takes care of them and gives them all the needs.

Thank you much all kindhearted people that involved in rescuing this poor family and brought them to beautiful lives. They will be adopted to a loving family.

Part 1: Pregnant Street Dog Cannot Give Birth – She was Found Wandering alone on the Street

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Courtesy: Sujira Rassamibunpotkul #animalstep #dogrescue

Author: admin-Ben