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Stomach issues got your pet down? Make them feel all better with Nutramax Proviable probiotics for cats and dogs. These probiotics are cat supplements and dog supplements all in one that contain live probiotic microorganisms that help to reestablish healthy intestinal balance while working to boost immune system potential. Dog digestive issues and cat digestive problems are often due to antibiotic use, dietary indiscretion, common allergies in dogs and cats, and other issues. Nutramax Proviable is also great for stomach upsets when traveling or cat or dog training too. Its multi-strain probiotic ensures your pet’s health when dog or cat diarrhea and loose stool is present. Nutramax Proviable probiotics for cats and dogs is also available in two convenient formats – Nutramax Proviable KP and Nutramax Proviable DC. Nutramax Proviable KP is a paste-style formula that contains probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic microorganisms to help firm your pet’s stool in the short term. Nutramax Proviable DC is a capsule-style formula that can be bought as part of a kit or on its own and supports long-term intestinal health and balance in your pet.

For an overall healthy cat or dog, Nutramax also has other cat supplements and dog supplements for your pet’s specific needs. From
Nutramax Cosequin soft minis joint medicine for dogs to Nutramax Cosequin mobility and joint support cat supplements, active, senior dogs and senior cats will get the nutritional supplements they need.

Give your pet the relief they need with Nutramax Proviable probiotics for cats and dogs

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