Cooking for Pets-Is Raw Chicken Safe for Dogs? Feeding: Biologically Appropriate Diet for Canines.

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It’s been pounded into your head that raw chicken is teeming with bacteria that can make you seriously ill. There are specific protocols for storing, thawing, and cooking chicken so nobody in your family gets ill. It only makes sense, then, that you’ve been avoiding giving your dog raw meat to protect them. However, using a few precautions, you can safely give your dog raw chicken.

Is Raw Chicken and All Its Counterparts Safe for Dogs?
Dogs can eat raw chicken, including the bones, without any negative side effects if you take the necessary steps to keep them safe. While you’ve been told that dogs should never have chicken bones, that warning is specifically about cooked chicken bones.

When the bones are raw, they’re fairly soft and flexible, meaning they’re easy to chew. If they’re cooked, these bones become brittle and become sharp when chewed. Remember that dogs are descendants from wolves and other wild dogs where bones are a staple in their diet. Raw chicken bones are actually very dense in nutrients essential for dogs, as well as doing the job of cleaning their teeth and gums as they chew on them.

You can also feed your dog raw chicken organs. The organs are actually the most nutritious part of the chicken, but as humans, we tend to stick to the white meat. The liver and giblets are particularly good for your dog, and it’s actually recommended that at least five percent of a raw diet should consist of the organs.

These organs give dogs essential amino acids to support their skin and coat health, help with optimal organ functions, and repair damaged tissues. Organs are also a fantastic source of protein that is very digestible by dogs, making organs a great choice for very active, fit dogs.

Diet is not meant to be exact every single meal, or every single day, but to balance out over time. A diet should be balanced over a week or two. There may be a day when you’re busy, or ran out of a certain ingredient, or have no organ meats, and it’s ok to feed the dog just some chicken for that day, for example.

BENEFITS OF RAW: Health, anti-inflammatory, skin and coat, immune system, dental, digestive, dog waste
A raw diet will improve your dogs dental health, as he crunches chicken bones and tears at flesh. Many owners report better breath, better skin and coat, lessened allergies, overall health improvement, better stamina in canine athletes, and less odor to their dog. Plus, dogs love meat.
Another benefit of a raw diet is about 1/2 the amount of dog waste. They are not getting all those fillers, and will absorb much of what is eaten, and the waste will disintegrate easily, where as kibble-fed dogs poop will stick around for a long time. Know that the more bone they get, the more their stool will look white and crumbly, this will not be an issue with meaty items like chicken thighs, but if you feed a dog a meal of only all bony chicken necks, they are going to be constipated.

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