Understanding the Body Condition Score in Dogs

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We use a lot of training treats during a training session! I focus on your dog’s mental health as well as their physical health. This is why I made this video, because obesity and emanspated is not good for your dog’s physical health! This video will help you determine if your dog is overweight or underweight, how much calories to feed your dog and understand the health issues associated with obesity and emanspated.

Barker Canine Academy is personalized dog training that is designed around my client’s goals while accounting for their pet’s individualized needs. Barker Canine Academy is based in Houston Texas.

This channel is a tool that I use to help my clients as well as the rest of the world to assist them with training their dog.

I also work full time as a veterinary technician, because of that, you may see some educational videos about how to care for your dog or about dog health.

I have always loved animals as well as teaching others! I have found a way to do what I love, dog training and being a veterinary technician! I look forward to working with dogs and their owners. My hope is that I can help is to prevent and solve behavior issues that can result in

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