18. August 2022

Rescue Abandoned Dog Living Life On a Chain With Full of Fluid in Her Abdomen


Rescue Abandoned Dog Living Life On a Chain With Full of Fluid in Her Abdomen
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This is a girl, she is 3 years old, according to the owner, they came from Rostov.
She is really in poor condition and exhausted, she has wounds and scars. She sits on a chain for days, in its own feces and dirt! No water or food! Her eyes are watery…, “It’s almost like she had given up, and she was just waiting for her time to come.”
Fortunately, a volunteer for a local dog rescue grou. First saw she, they rushed she to the vet,
She being for tests, treatment, surgeries which requires lots of cost to support her medical bills. She also received a full veterinary examination. ⁣
The vet said: she didn’t have any major health issues apart
her was her first go to outside but she didn’t want to leave, she liked her among the people, she didn’t even react to other dogs
So far she’s recovering, walking badly, but it will all pass
And it all started so well and we relaxed a little. But the apparently fate decided that we didn’t need to rest watch the video with sound, Katya there tells what happened to our Juliet. We are going urgently to the vet. It is fluid in the peritoneum. In fact, a frequent occurrence after strip operations. She will live, but there is the possibility of a repeat accumulation.
So we wrapped our bandage around Juliet with bandages, make to her lower part that hangs, more precisely, the skin sagged very much due to the liquid.
Juliet again has fluid…Again we go to the vet
You can help they care for more dogs like this poor dog by donating for them by the link in bio in this video
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