The Epilepsy Dog Is Screaming, Pain In The Street & Great Results After More Than 5 Years Rescue

The Epilepsy Dog Is Screaming, Pain In The Street & Great Results After More Than 5 Years Rescue
This is Argos!

A poor dog I found on the internet with a terrible condition.
This boy is not yet 2 years old, is having epilepsy. The owner abandoned him on the street.
Argos is twitching from time to time, screaming in pain. He could not stand up.
Argos seems to have been here for 3 days but no one helped him.
The video uploaded his picture more than 2 thousand likes and 102 shares, but in the end, he’s still here.

March 10, 2015: I took him to Vet, Argos suffered epilepsy and convulsions.
Luckily, Argos can eat some.
His illness will take a long time to treat. The doctor determined he could not stand up and walk. He can even die at any time.
I cried and … broken.
March 20, 2015: We are conducting physical therapy for him. His body needs constant massage to prevent muscle atrophy.
April 28, 2015: Argos is continuing to receive treatment by a doctor.
April 30, 2015: His health is a little better. he can move his arms and legs. But Argos is still twitching.
April 16, 2016: Argos knows how to wave his tail, he starts to know the reaction …
Dec 12, 2016: Argos has been able to move, but there are still many difficulties … Argos eat a lot. Argos no longer has convulsions.
June 2, 2017: Today, my health has improved a lot. He enjoyed playing with friends. Argos hates mowers ….
Nov 14, 2018: Argos walk every day, his health is now very good … However, he cannot walk.
May 12, 2020: Argos is in perfect health, he gained a lot of weight.
Thank God, thank you for supporting Argos in the past.
We have looked after Argos‘ coma for over 5 years.
We will take care of him forever. Love Argos!


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