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It’s never too late to spay a dog…or is it? If your female dog is old and entire then it’s important you understand the benefits of getting them spayed, the risks of leaving them intact, as well as the risks of spaying itself.

There are three big reasons and benefits for spaying a dog: Prevent pregnancy, Prevent pyometra, Reduce breast cancer risk. For an old dog, especially one kept indoors, the risk of pregnancy is low. Also, the amount the risk of mammary cancer is reduced by is also less than for a female dog spayed when they are young (although there is still a benefit).
The big benefit to spaying an old dog is that 1 in 4 female dogs will develop a pyometra by the time they are 10 years old.

There are of course risks with any anaesthetis and surgery, and these will depend more on the presence of any other diseases, rather than a dogs age alone.

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