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If your dog has fleas, then there is a simple 3 step process you need to take to answer how to kill the fleas on a dog and get rid of fleas indoors, in the house and even in your yard.
A dog with fleas is a really common problem and one of the most common causes of a dog starting to itch and scratch suddenly. Killing fleas and eliminating a flea infestation is not always as easy as you might think!

The 3 step plan:
1 – Use a product that actually works! The ideal product should
– Kills fleas
– Persists
– Safe – all drugs carry a risk of side effects, some are safer than others
– Reduces environmental load
– Kills + prevents other parasites depending on where you live (ticks + lyme)
The best flea treatment for your dog will vary but you could consider:
– Advantage:
– Seresto collar for 8 months of protection:

2 – Treat the environment
– Hot wash bedding
– Vacuum
– Flea bomb: I recommend this one:

Continue treatment for at least 3 months
– Needed to break the flea lifecycle

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