18. August 2022

Show Tech Advanced Dog Care kit | TRANSGROOM

Show Tech Advanced Dog Care kit: https://transgroom.com/en/products/advanced-dog-care-kit

This home grooming kit for dogs has been compiled by professional groomers to optimize coat care at home. The package consists of both essential products and products to take care of all necessary grooming that you, as a dog owner, need for daily maintenance. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a total grooming kit to take complete care of your dog’s grooming needs. This comprehensive kit is a new addition to Transgroom’s wide range of grooming products.

Tip: Buy this kit through your dog groomer for the perfect blend in between grooming sessions. Contact your dog groomer and discuss proper maintenance for your dog’s coat to ensure optimal results for the future.

Kit contains:
87ste010 Show Tech Mixing Bottle
88ver021 push pull top for Mixing Bottle
43stp001 Show Tech Quick Fix Spray
25ste013 Show Tech Tuffer than Tangles Professional Slicker Brush
83ste028 Show Tech Shampoo en Conditioner Kit (5 x 100ml)
26ste004 Show Tech Pro Combi Comb 19cm
54ste008 Show Tech Ear Wipes
56ste013 Show Tech No More Tears Eye Care Lotion
27ste005 Show Tech Mat Splitter
22ste005 Show Tech Safety Scissor 16,5cm
21ste013 Show Tech Amigo Cord/Cordless Clipper for small areas
53ste053 Show Tech Cord/Cordless Nailgrinder met USB charging cord

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