Boxer Puppy Sammies Severe Health Problem! 😢😢😢

Hello friends! This video is mainly about puppy Sammie and his health problem. We have known about Sammies health problem for a long time and now we feel it’s time for you, our internet family, to learn about it too. Sammie is a very energetic and happy puppy with lots of love for his humans and his brother Rex. He is also EXTREMELY STUBBORN and very obstinate. With some training and a lot of patience he will will of course get better as he get older. Regardless, we love Sammie unconditionally! But Sammie also have a disease – severe disease! This video will explain it all! AUDIO ON WHEN WATCHING THE VIDEO AS I EXPLAIN WHAT IT`S ABOUT!

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Boxer Rex is a Swedish male boxer born 14th of August 2015 and lives outside of Landskrona in the south of Sweden. Sammie is a male brindle boxer born May 17 2019. They are loving, fun, crazy, energetic, faithful and a typical high energy boxer. It´s never a dull moment when you are with Rex and Sammie.

Take care! Voff! 😁 //Rex & Sammie

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Author: admin-Ben