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The above links will lead you to learn more about the Tibetan Mastiff. The introductory write-up gives a brief overview of what to expect of the breed and the Standard gives more detailed information concerning structure, temperament and specific characteristics. Further, you will discover a little about the history of the TM and, finally, an interesting comparative chart of the Tibetan Mastiff (also known as the Dokhyi) and the Himalayan Sheep Dog or Gaddi.


Country of Origin:


General Appearance:

The overall picture created is that of a large, powerful dog, sturdily built and well-balanced with short legs, if compared to the body. His expression is alert and noble. The thick, heavily-feathered tail is carried high over the back, nicely balancing the head. The body is square with a distinctive double coat and a proudly worn ruff around the neck and shoulders extending to the occiput. Head is outstanding and massive with a powerfull and heavy muzzle which is squarish from all angles and flat from when seen from above.


Each Tibetan Mastiff has its own personality, but generally, the Tibetan Mastiff is very protective brave, loyal. and territorial dog. Its temperament is excellent with children of own family and Good with other pets if properly introduced.


Normally a healthy breed.


Excellent. One of the most highly adaptable breed of the world, can adapt to extreme climatic conditions hot or cold.

Guarding Potential:

Excellent. The Tibetan Mastiff is known for being a night-time barker, and has a booming voice. This can be a problem in packed neighborhoods. More mature dogs can develop restraint, but getting to that point can take a deal of patience. This is one area where a Tibetan Mastiff’s stubbornness can defeat even the most determined owner.

Amount of Exercise:

Moderate. Jogging is too hard on the joints due to the breed’s size. Be careful that the bones, muscles, and joints of the young dog are not overworked during the growing stage by overdoing physical exercise. It should never be over-exercised.

Amount of Grooming:

It should be brushed regularly. Give bath a few times per year only when very necessary.

Coat Type:

Body is covered with an undercoat of soft, short, dense wool with longer and harsher hair growing through it to form the outer coat. Hair are fine but hard, straight and stand-off. Never silky, curly or wavy. Heavy undercoat, when present, rather woolly.


Highly Intelligent but Aloof.


Average (Not a dog for Obedience Shows)


Dominating breed.

Urban Living:

Not recommended for apartments.

Outdoor Living:



Dogs minimum 26″ (66 cm).
Bitches minimum 24″ (61 cm).

The General Appearance of the Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large guardian breed and should present as strong and substantial, muscular and athletic, balanced and impressive. The Tibetan Mastiff head is a distinguishing characteristic of the breed and the most outstanding feature. It must be broad, powerful and expressive. The muzzle should be thickly padded with a clearly defined stop and is in direct proportion with the head. The prominent occiput should also be clearly defined. Eyes are almond-shaped. Forelegs should be strong and straight with slight angulation of pasterns. Rears legs should be moderately angulated with well let down hocks. Fore and rear legs, as well as neck and tail should be furnished with longer guard coat. Tail is to be carried over the back or hip and should create a balanced picture when viewed from the side. Proportions are slightly longer than tall.

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