The Problem With Pet Food with Phivo The Dog Health Guy

Our pets deserve the best care we can give them and for us that means holistic care. The cancer rate amongst dogs is around 50%, and it can be argued that these numbers have increased because of the foods we give our pets. Besides food, conventional pet health care is often marred by toxic chemicals and poisons in order to prevent flea and tick infestations or prevent parasitic infections, but we believe there’s a better way.

This week we spend some time talking to a gentleman who was tired of the system and decided there could be a better way. Phivo, The Dog Health Guy and founder of Augustine Approved, speaks to us about his own journey and why he developed his own line of food, supplements, and skin care products for pets. On this episode we talk about the essential nutrients your pets need, the danger of processed foods, and some holistic options you can easily implement in your own routine.

Author: admin-Ben