Homemade Dog Food for Struvite Bladder Stones

A bladder stone is small, rock-like buildup of minerals that form in the bladder. Feeding a homemade dog food for struvite bladder stones recipe can help to prevent these stones from reforming in your dog’s bladder. Read the full recipe here: https://topdogtips.com/recipe-homemade-dog-food-for-struvite-bladder-stones

If your dog already has struvite bladder stones, your vet will analyze his condition to help you determine the proper way to treat them. If the condition is mild, they may recommend a special diet to get rid of the stones. Homemade dog food for struvite bladder stones will only be recommended if your vet is certain there is no risk of urinary obstruction.

Typically, a recipe to get rid of these stones will be low in protein, phosphorus and magnesium. They are formulated to promote acidic urine, which helps to dissolve any current struvite bladder stones and reduce the chances of new stones developing.

Author: admin-Ben