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Taste of the Wild dog food has been rated 91/100. Why? The unbiased dog food judge research reveals secret facts about…
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✌️ Transcription ✌️

Do you want to see unbiased dog food judge review of Taste of the Wild dog food?

I bet you do and in this video, I want to reveal you all secret facts about this popular dry dog food brand.

I am a dog food judge and I am searching for the healthiest and the best dog foods that will preserve your dog health and extend its life.

So is the Taste of the Wild one of these foods?

I made a review of Taste of the Wild high prairie roasted bison and venison which is the most popular food in the world.

Let’s start Taste of the Wild review.

1. Basic information.
The Taste of the Wild brand of dog foods is produced in America by the principle of the ancestral diet.

What does this mean?

This means that the dog’s digestive system is adjusted for digesting a pray and this brand of food try to provide that kind of food for your pet.

So the Taste of the Wild foods:
a) Contain a lot of meat.
b) Doesn’t contain grain, wheat, soy, dangerous ingredients and preservatives.

In my examination, I discovered that these three facts are true.

In order to prove it to you, let’s see the ingredient analysis.

2. Ingredient analysis review.

As you probably know the most important things you need to look for in dogs foods are wheat, soy, grain, preservatives, and artificial colors.

This product does not contain any ingredient that could be connected with wheat, soy, and grain.

I found two preservatives:
a) Vitamin C
b) Vitamin E

Luckily both preservatives are natural and actually good for the dog and its health.

The last dangerous ingredients are artificial colors and Taste of the Wild food does not have them.

So there is no dangerous or bad ingredient but how about cheap and less appropriate ingredients?

I found few less appropriate ingredients in Taste of the Wild high prairie dog food:
a) Canola oil.
b) Pea protein.
c) Salt.
d) Tomato Pomace.

So these ingredients are not dangerous and level of this ingredients is very low so they won’t affect a lot on the final judgment.

The last thing I examine in dog food review is composition and ratios.

3. Composition and ratios review.

The Taste of the Wild high prairie roasted bison & venison composition:

a) Protein 32%.

The most important for dog food is that proteins are animal-based.

The main ingredients of this Taste of the Wild dog food are meats.

So very high amount of proteins are actually animal-based and that is the great source for dog strength.

b) Fat 18%.

The fats are important but in a lot less level than proteins.

To be a more precise ideal protein to fat ratio is 1/2.

The Taste of the Wild protein to fat ratio is 56% which is almost ideal.

Ok, now let’s see the second very important thing and that is fiber level.

c) Fiber 4%.

The fibers have to be present but the ideal ratio is 1/4.

The Taste of the Wild protein to fiber ratio is 13% which is lower than ideal but it is still good.

d) Moisture 10%.

The most important nutrient for dogs is water.

Moisture of 10% is a normal level for dry dog foods.

e) Vitamins & minerals.

Taste of the Wild dog food contains the optimal rate of vitamins and minerals that are added to the food by supplements.

Ok, this was the last analysis of Taste of the Wild dog food review and now follows the ratings.

My final judgment for Taste of the Wild high prairie roasted bison & venison dog food is 91/100.

It is actually the highest rating I provide to any dry dog food.

The price is low and the food quality is very high.

The Dog food advisor, Amazon and all other reviews sites provide Taste of the Wild dog food very high ratings.

So I suggest it and if you choose this product you won’t be sorry.

Check the current price on Amazon.

I place the link in the description.

And to be completely honest if you click the link below I will get a buck or two from Amazon.

It won’t make me rich but it will help me to continue my work and to examine more dog foods.

I will be able to continue my mission which is saving as many dogs as I can from illnesses.

And remember let’s keep our pets healthy!

Take care!

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