How To Decrease Stray Dogs Overpopulation

Hundreds of thousands of stray dogs wander the streets of Thailand. One significant problem is that most owners do not sterilise their pets. Whether dog or cat, their young are often dumped at the temple or animal shelter, or left to stray. Many problems follow the stray animal population, as disease, hunger and abuse. The best way to change the lives of stray animals is to control their population by spay or neuter.
Every month Save Elephant Foundation’s mobile clinic will work together with the local government vet. Vet students from universities throughout Thailand, and from other countries who come to join our trip, will help to record the number of animals to make a database for the record of health care, to treat, vaccinate, sterilize the stray dogs and cats, as well as the pets of villagers in many areas of Thailand free of charge . We hope this work will raise the awareness of communities to be more responsible for their animals, and to control the number of strays who also deserve to live healthy. Love your pet. Please spay or neuter. Looking for your next pet? Please adopt, don’t shop.

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Author: admin-Ben