Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Homemade Dog Food Recipe

This easy DIY homemade dog food recipe with chicken, rice and vegetables is very healthy for your dog. It’s ideal for homemade dog food beginners because it’s simple to make, but suitable for anyone that wants to feed their dog a simple, safe and healthy meals. Chicken, rice and vegetable homemade dog food will appeal to every pet, too.

You can find the full recipe, serving size, ingredients and more tips on this chicken homemade dog food recipe here:

„If you’ve decided that the homemade dog food diet is a good option for your Fido, give this recipe a try. Of course, you can adjust it to meet your pet’s needs. I made it with chicken, but you could substitute a different protein source if your dog has a sensitive stomach. You could also substitute different dog-friendly vegetables.“

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Author: admin-Ben