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Are you a pet parent that’s prone to panic when you hear your fur baby so much as sniffle? Don’t worry! We’ll show you what to do if your dog has a runny nose. At Chewy, we have all the dog supplies you and your fur friend need to make sure your dog’s health is in tip top shape.

Does your dog have a runny nose and is sneezing a lot? The answer is actually much simpler than it seems. If your dog’s nasal discharge is clear and you are not seeing signs such as your dog coughing or your dog sneezing, there is usually no reason for concern. Your fur friend might just have dog allergies. If the dog nasal discharge isn’t a clear color and your pup isn’t acting like his usual self, you should consult your vet.

It’s also important to make sure if you have a dog coughing, you avoid having your dog interact with other dogs. This is because you need to take caution if your dog has a canine respiratory infection because there are viral and bacterial components that can be passed on to other dogs. Your vet can tell you what course of treatment is best for your fur baby.

We understand it can be worrisome to see your dog with a runny nose. Remember, if the nasal discharge is clear, it is not something to be too worried about. Don’t forget to rule out if you just have a dog with allergies. Of course, you should still take your dog to your vet if you have concerns, but clear dog nasal discharge does mean they do not need to be seen on an emergency basis.

Here at Chewy, good dog health is something we’re paw-sitively passionate about. That’s why we’re always showering our furry best friends with all the dog treats and dog toys they could ever need! Want to know more about dog health? Check out our channel for more answers to your pressing pet questions!

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