Rescue Abandoned Dog Who Is Severely Disfigured without Hope Has Survived | Miracle Story

Rescue Abandoned Dog Who Is Severely Disfigured without Hope Has Survived | Miracle Story

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Family Animal Medicine appreciates the support and interest in Phoenix’s story. We are fortunate to be involved in his healing and recovery. Many of you have questions, to some of which we don’t yet have answers. Others have had some concerns and criticisms about the situation. What Phoenix and those taking care of him need most right now is love and support. We encourage a positive dialogue in your comments; and ask that those following refrain from negativity. With that, we wanted to provide you an update about Phoenix and his well-being.
Lots of tragedies befall stray animals. We are investigating all possible causes of Phoenix’s condition and running lab work to identify causes of his skin disease. He is being bathed frequently and is on medications to improve his skin health and provide comfort. We are not convinced there have been malicious acts, but we continue to investigate medically. We were provided evidence from a previous good Samaritan who has photos of a progression of Phoenix’s facial deterioration. It is possible there may be a medical disease causing his disfiguration. It is important that we do not automatically assume malicious acts. Animals without homes and proper care, without shelter, food and water face so many obstacles; especially if they have an underlying medical issue.
Phoenix is warm and comfortable; his belly is full, and he is being well cared for. Be assured he is safe and happy.

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