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Benefits of pet ownership
Owning a pet help boosting mood, lowering blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activities. Pets can also ease the symptoms of depression and feeling of loneliness.
Some research show that pets are able to prompt better memory recall in their elderly owners. Having a pet helps the senior focus on something other than their physical problems and negative preoccupations about loss or aging.

Animals benefit from adoption, too as retired adopters tend to have lots of time to devote to a previously unwanted pet, forming a lasting bond.

How to find the best pet for the elderly?
Apart from undeniable benefits, owning a pet can have certain drawbacks to your aging loved one. Seniors and caregivers should work through the following questions before welcoming a pet into the family.

Is the senior ready to have a pet?
Adopting a pet may change a person’s entire daily routine, so it is recommended that the elderly is an experienced owner. However, if they are open to a new and rewarding commitment, then first-timers can still make great owners.

Can the senior take care of the pet?
Having a dog increases the frequency of exercise and going outdoors in elderly, however, they can be challenging for individuals with limited mobility. If walking a dog or giving him a bath is too much, lower-maintenance animals like cats and birds may be preferable.

What age pet would be best?
Young pets like a puppy or kitten are not a good choice for the senior as they require intensive care and training. But senior pets have their own physical limitations and illnesses too. Therefore, it is best to find a well trained pet which is at least six months old.

Where to find a pet?
Purchasing from a breeder may assure you of the health and quality of the pet, but adopting from shelters can be of great benefit too. You are offered at a lower price and take the chance to take care of an unwanted animal.

Recommended pets for seniors
Leopard Geckos

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