How To Treat An Infected Paw on a Dog

Most dog owners don’t give much thought to their pet’s paw health. Paws are not immune to health problems. If left untreated, an issue with a dog’s paw could lead to a more serious health concern. Knowing how to treat an infected paw on a dog is crucial information that every owner should have.

If you don’t notice an issue until infection sets in, it’s not too late. As long as the infection isn’t severe, you should be able to treat the problem at home. This guide will go over how to treat an infected paw using supplies that you probably already have in your medicine cabinet.

„You only need to use peroxide once. It kills all of the bacteria in the wound, even the „good“ bacteria that is helping to heal the area. After you’ve flushed with peroxide the first time, use water when cleaning the wound in the future.“

Author: admin-Ben