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Though World War 2 was over, the aggressive marketing war on raw meat had just begun. Lobbyist launched a series of ad campaigns to convince consumers that commercially prepared dog food was their ONLY option. Some sponsored reports’ even talked about the dangers of table scraps and feeding the dogs raw meat.

The marketing campaign triumphed at crowning Kibble the King.

Today, manufactured dog food is a huge part of the $29 BILLION pet food industry. That industry is still growing but what’s happening to our dog’s health?

We’re seeing what the convenient, modern diet is doing to humans.
What effects are GMO corn, wheat, soy and non-digestible fillers having on our dogs?

The concept of kibble has only been around for less than 89 years and yet the benefits of raw meat are backed up by science and history.

If you line up the results of the pet food industry and dog health & wellness side by side you can’t help but wonder if we were feeding our dogs the RIGHT way before history took its toll.

Luckily, the dog lovers at TruDog paid attention to the past and are leading the future of dog food back to health by returning raw meat to your dog’s diet. Nutrient AND convenient… what a great time to be a dog!

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