sleepy self care (dog version)

read me, i’m important

hello everyone, since i’ve been home on medical leave i’ve been trying to spend more time taking care of myself and of course P-girl. (prior to filming this vid, i did a nice face mask for myself) i like to do this routine at night 1) because it’s a nice way to finish my day and 2) i suffer from severe insomnia like a lot of people out there and i find this helps relax me. Percie has also been working hard to lose some of her winter weight which means her muscles are probably a little sore and her paw pads need some loving. i like to use a very old circa 2000 body massager from bath and body works to give her a nice massage before bedtime and normally brush her coat during this time too. for her paw pads, i use any kind of pet salve or coconut oil and give mini feet massages to work the product in (currently i love bag balm for pets, found on chewy).

i’ll also usually break out my journal or a book sometime after this routine, drink some tea/water, ad then take my meds before i call it a night. by this time, percie is already half asleep by her window spot (no, she can’t fall out, don’t worry) and while my sleeping medications help me go to bed, this small routine seems to help with relaxing my own body and brain before i try to conquer the nighttime.

i know this is a fairly different video from my others, and while i love making all of my videos i think this has to be my favorite so far. it was so relaxing to make and i’m really happy with how it turned out. if it wasn’t your jam, don’t worry, there are always new videos coming out.

thank you all for watching and supporting me. i hope everyone is doing well and remembering to take some time to care for themselves (and their four legged companions). as always…. thank you.


music courtesy of johnny easton (don’t look back)

Author: admin-Ben