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A dog massage doesn’t just feel good, a dog massage can also provide health benefits for your dog, both physically and mentally. Dog massages can improve your dog’s health in a number of ways, like increasing circulation and relaxing muscle spasms and muscle tension. Here at Chewy, we want to help your fur friend reach the pinnacle of dog health. That’s why we’re here to show you how to massage your dog so that you can help keep your canine companion happy and healthy.

When it comes to how to massage a dog, there are two techniques you should keep in mind. The first is the effleurage massage, and it’s commonly used in animal therapy and is utilized to calm the tissues and warm up the body. The second dog massage technique you should consider is the tapotement massage, a gentle, percussive stroke that engages the central nervous system.

If you want to learn how to massage your dog, watch our video. If you want more pet care tips, browse our YouTube channel to see what else you can do to keep your pup on top of the dog health game.

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