How to potty train your Dog or puppy in 7 days in hindi.

In this video we will see how to train a dog for potty.
Or how to give a potty training to my dog.
In hindi.

Aur maine ye v bataya hai ke din me kitne baar dena hai..
Wo ghar ka khana ho ya dog food ho.
Hope krta hoon ye video kafi helpful raha hoga.

👉 3000 like aim hai. So like krna na bhoole.

Instead apple flavour cerelac try this one-

1- Cerelac for all breed-


Saath me starter v ligyea- starter ka result kafi accha hota hai.

Starter for below 3 month puppy

Starting me pani me phula kar digyeaga

1. Royal canin-

2. Focus-


4. Drools-

[Last option drools]

From 4 to 15 months

1. Royal canin-

2. Focus –

3. Drools-

4. Pedigree-

Above 15 months of age

1. Royal canin-

2. Focus-

3. Drools-

4. Pedigree-

Now also try this chew- CHIP CHOP your puppy will definitely love this-


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A video by Anurag aaryan

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